Gil Investigations

Fields of Activity

Commercial investigations

חקירות מסחריות

Strategic Investigations in various fields for companies and organizations.

Divorce Cases Investigations

חקירות/תיקי גירושין

Field work, Technical and Technological solutions, consultation and guidance.

Financial Investigations

חקירות כלכליות

Detailed assets report of an individual and/or companies.

International investigations

חקירות בינלאומיות

Performing various investigations worldwide.

Business Intelligence

מודיעין עסקי

Gathering sources in order to provide high quality business intelligence.

Cyber Security

חקירות סייבר

Analyzing and examining computing systems and building protection plans.

Polygraph Tests

בדיקות פוליגרף

Professional and reliable polygraph tests done in-house in various fields.

Wiretaps Inspection

בדיקות האזנה

Performing wiretaps inspections and tracing of illegal systems. 

Surveillance & Security Systems

התקנת מערכות צילום

Consultation, guidance and installation of cutting-edge surveillance systems.

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