Divorce Cases Investigations

In recent years, divorce rates are on a constant rise.

Recent statistics show an alarming rate of 27% in local divorce rate, which means 1 in every 4 couples are bound to divorce.


The modern technological age and the dominance of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram contribute massively to increase said divorce rates.


Gil Investigations have a vast experience with over 35 years in divorce investigations. We work regularly with private clientele and law firms. Our team constantly stays up to date with every change and court ruling of the matter to bring our clients the most accurate and proficient service.


Gil Investigations provide services in various methods, such as surveillance, technical and technological work, guidance and consultation in the most discrete and efficient manner.


All information gathered and provided during our investigations can be used as admissible evidence in the court of law.

  • Strategic investigations in various fields for companies and organizations

    Commercial Investigations

  • Field work, technical and technological solutions, consultation and guidance

    Divorce Investigations

  • Detailed assets report of an individual and/or companies

    Financial Investigations

  • Performing various investigations worldwide

    International Investigations

  • Gathering sources in order to provide high quality business intelligence

  • Analyzing and examining computing systems and building protection plans

    Cyber Security

  • Professional and reliable polygraph tests done in-house in various fields

    Polygraph Tests

  • Performing wiretaps inspections and tracing of illegal systems

    Wiretaps Inspection

  • Consultation, guidance and installation of cutting-edge surveillance systems.

    Survellience Systems

  • Details About Our Activities

    Details About Our activities

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