Commercial Investigations

Since the founding of Gil Investigations, more than 35 years ago, we worked side by side with a wide variety of industrial, public and private firms, law offices and private clientele. Our work with each client is tailored made, after a thoughtful process of the company’s situation, wants and needs.


Over the years we conducted tens of thousands of operation hours in a wide range of investigations and surveillance operations, writing security protocols and procedures, theft protection and security management for different companies and organizations. This kind of experience gives us a broad vision about the investigational field and allows you to use our unique and professional perspective.

  • Strategic investigations in various fields for companies and organizations

    Commercial Investigations

  • Field work, technical and technological solutions, consultation and guidance

    Divorce Investigations

  • Detailed assets report of an individual and/or companies

    Financial Investigations

  • Performing various investigations worldwide

    International Investigations

  • Gathering sources in order to provide high quality business intelligence

  • Analyzing and examining computing systems and building protection plans

    Cyber Security

  • Professional and reliable polygraph tests done in-house in various fields

    Polygraph Tests

  • Performing wiretaps inspections and tracing of illegal systems

    Wiretaps Inspection

  • Consultation, guidance and installation of cutting-edge surveillance systems.

    Survellience Systems

  • Details About Our Activities

    Details About Our activities

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