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Polygraph Tests

The polygraph machine is an investigation tool that is able to read the subject’s involuntary responses  in order to detect whether said subject speaks the truth.


The polygraph machine is commonly used in criminal law, but can be used in job applications, periodical tests in the workplace and security.

As part of our work, Gil Investigations have an in-house polygraph institute.

The polygraph test has three integral steps:

  • Stage 1 - preparing the subject for the test in order to lower their stress levels.

  • Stage 2 - Connecting the subject to the polygraph machine and asking basic questions such as name and address, in order to calibrate the machine.

  • Stage 3 - Query of relevant questions. To ensure results are as accurate as possible, the questions asked are short and coherent. Moreover, the number of questions is limited in order to make sure that the subject is not overwhelmed with the process. 

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