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Gil Investigations is a private investigation agency that was founded in 1984 and provides private investigations and business information of the highest quality.

Gil Investigations is managed by Sam Guzman, Founder and CEO – formerly a member of the secret surveillance unit of the Israeli Police and a licensed private investigator since 1982. 

Haim Guzman, VP and Investigations and Surveillance Manager – formerly a member of the central unit for special investigations in the Investigative Military Police and a licensed private investigator since 1991.

Gil Investigations employ dozens of private investigators, spread nationwide, and supervised by the company's operational manager. Gil Investigations also maintain contracted cooperation with investigation agencies and private investigators worldwide. Since 1984 our company handled thousands of investigation cases in different areas, including fraud and theft, divorce cases, detection and more.


Our investigators are all former members of elite units of the security services and the Israeli police, working under license from the Ministry of Justice.


All information gathered during any investigation is gained only through legal and legitimate methods and as per Israeli legislation.


Our investigators utilize the most innovative means such as field business information collection, secret photography, complex recording and surveillance, and all to ensure completion of the investigation as professionally as possible.

In Gil Investigations we act in several forefronts: 

  • Commercial Investigations

  • Divorce Case Investigations

  • Financial Investigations

  • International Investigation

  • Business Intelligence

  • Cyber Security

  • Polygraph Tests

  • Wiretaps inspections

  • Surveillance and Security Systems

Gil Investigations provides private investigation services to a wide variety of industrial, public and private firms, law offices and private clientele. As one of the leading private investigation agencies in the market you may receive references from our wide clientele.

Our Team

Gil Investigations is of the most experienced, professional and reliable in the field of private investigations. We believe in personal service and 24/7 availability. Our entire staff and field investigators are going through a strict screening process and are working exclusively with Gil Investigations.

Sam Guzman

Founder & CEO

Holds a private investigator license since 1982. Founded Gil Investigations in 1984 in honor of his late close friend, Gil Nirel, who served with him in the IDF paratrooper unit and was killed in training activity.

Haim Guzman

VP, Investigations and Surveillance Manager

With 30 years of experience in criminal and private investigations. Alumni of the Investigation and detection dept. of the CID. Holds a private investigator license since 1991 and a license for investigation office since 1996.

Sharon Dobrovinsky

Business Development Manager

Works at Gil Investigations from 2007. Sharon has 15 years of experience in the investigation field. She holds a private investigator license since 2010. In her work at Gil Investigations she is in charge of business development.

Dor Guzman

Digital Media Manager

Works at Gil Investigations since 2011 and with over 10 years of experience in private investigations. He holds a private investigator license since 2014.

In his field of work he is in charge of digital marketing, digital media and client relations.

 Frida Cohen

Office Manager

Works at Gil Investigations since 2008. Frida brings a vast experience in the field.

Fields of Activity

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Image by Michelle Ding
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