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Permits and Restrictions of Private Investigators

According to Israel law, every private investigator or a private investigations office is working under private investigators law.

This law unites rules and laws in order to keep the private investigations field within the law.

The private investigators law includes:

  • Who can be a private investigator

  • Who can manage a private investigations office

  • What is allowed and forbidden in the field of private investigations

For example, examination of GPS tracking devices in a vehicle is a complex issue, and this is due to the private investigators law and the privacy law.

Despite getting approval from the car owners to execute an electronic surveillance on the vehicle, in case someone else is driving the vehicle, we can not proceed with the investigation.

What does the law permit?

The only possibility to use a GPS tracker in a vehicle is when the car owner is located in the vehicle at the time of the investigation.

This scenario mostly fits personal security, for example, when an individual has a threat on his life and we as an investigation company monitor his location and well-being.

In order to stay within the law’s boundaries, we at Gil Investigations provide comprehensive assistance with the help and guidance of the best law-firms available.

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