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Cooperation Between Gil Investigations and Law Firms

עודכן: 22 ביולי 2021

In first contact with a client and after hearing their problem and assessing the situation, in many cases, we recommend our client with quality legal counseling in order to provide the best possible service to be used later on in court.

In divorce cases investigations, legal counselling is essential and with the law firm’s order we work to bring evidence to be used in court and to save our clients time and money.

Here, at Gil Investigations, we are working alongside the top law firms in Israel. As a result, we get from said law firms focused and explicit demands, and therefore making us work according to the legal needs.

For almost 40 years in the private investigations field, Gil Investigations provides free initial consultation to our clients and new-comers.

In some cases, after assessing the client’s situation, we come up with a creative solution that could save them a great amount of money.

Contact Us - Sam: +972-505-243-343 | Dor: +972-506-550-237 | Office: +972-3-752-3356

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